Bohemian Luxe with Island Tribe

Guys Guys Guys! I'm so excited to bring you this content! Eeeep! Let me explain. So, it's no secret that I love to shoot at Ironside. All the times that I've been there with my friends we always see this magical....SPACE! Every time we were there, we'd seriously have our foreheads pressed against the window and drool over the luxurious bohemian showroom, and this space happens to be Island Tribe! (Check out their Instagram here) Oh! Also, check out the interior pics that Jeanne shot below to see what I'm talking about. 

One day, Yash and I were in Wynwood at the Reformation pop-up and we just so happened to run into one of the designers for Island Tribe, Angeline. She was so sweet and after taking a picture for us, got to a quick chat and set up a collab right then and there! 

When I walked into the showroom, it was literal Cali-dessert-luxury-vibes, people. And I immediately thought " when am I getting married so I can own one of these dresses and look like a chic bohemian rockstar?!". Needless to say, the interior was spot-on and the clothing was more than that. I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous and delicate kimono. I literally threw it over what I was causally wearing and BAM, and outfit was born. I felt like a queen in that kimono. It was so cool to see how it could really be dressed down, but could also be worn for something as extravagant as a wedding *cough cough* MY WEDDING *cough cough*. (Okay, enough with the wedding jokes). 

I kept the fringe motif going and threw on this gorgeous dress afterwards, and seriously felt like a rockstar. I mean, how dope are those sleeves, and how great does this chic dress go with my silver  space boots?! Anyways, this post is long enough, check out all of the pics below, and be on the lookout for another great thing happening at the boutique with LYNK Studio!