Bohemian Dreams || Free People x Brittany Martinez

Hey everyone! Today's post is really special because it's in collaboration with the creative mind behind one of my favorte Instagram accounts: @b.jaqueline.m!  Brittany was sweet enough to reach out for a collaboration, and I was fangirling hard af! She works at Free People and wanted to create some content for the brand to be used on their social media. These are the three looks we've shot so far! Brittany was such an awesome soul, and really down to earth, it was such a pleasure working with her πŸ’–. Make sure to check out her instagram! Here are the photos that have made it to their Instagram so far. 

To find out more about the looks read on and scroll down!

Look 1: This look was something that I definitely would never have put on had I seen it on a hanger, but on a body it is so freaking beautiful! This dress has so much unexpected movement in it, it's incredible. The sleeves have a flare at the end and there are slits along the side which were so unexpected! Paired with shorts, the look ended up being casual, yet dramatic, I love. Oh, and the crochet is beautifully placed along the entire dress.

Look 2: This look features a beautiful 2 piece set, and kimono. Both pieces blew my mind, I was obsessed with them! The set was so easy on its own to just throw on and call it a day. The top covers some detailing on the shorts, but with some movement it peeks through ;). The kimono is a killer piece to have in your wardrobe. It can be dressed up or dressed down for the beach. The sequins catch so much light, and the color of the kimono is my favorite.  I legit felt like a bohemian princess... 

Look 3: Bohemian Princess? Wait, I spoke too soon. This look we shot with 3 out of the 4 girls of LYNK Studio, and with these mermaid crowns, we REALLLLLY felt like princesses. Brittany had us choose our outfits from a handful of selections and it was really cool to see each of our styles through the pics! This set I was wearing was so lightweight and comfortable, and it's so damn exaggerated that I immediately fell in love with it. I love how it looks a little sexy with the shorts under that pants, but it's very casual. It was so funny. At first I put both legs through the shorts AND both legs in one hole of the acual pant. When we realized, we were all dying of laughter. Those pant legs are wide legged AF!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3